Newsletter Editor

My name is Kenzie Curran, I am the current Editor of the AIChE University of Iowa Newsletter. I look forward to adding to my AIChE experiences such as the Regional and National conferences where we have the opportunity to meet very interesting professionals and students in our field. These experiences are definitely ones I would recommend to other Chem Es! I am/have been involved in the Iowa Bioscience Academy, Engineering Student Council, Dance Marathon, Environmental Coalition, Gardening Club, Rock Climbing Club, and Brazillian Ju Jitzu Club here at Iowa. Getting involved, as little as Chem Es can at times, has made my college experience full. My favorite university classes have been Brazillian Ju Jitzu, Leadership in the Outdoors and Heat and Mass Transfer. I am currently a Lab Assistant in the department of Pediatrics Rheumatology focusing on the microbiome’s relationship to CRMO and the immune response, as well as in the elementary stages of my own machine learning project. I decided to study Chemical Engineering because I enjoy problem solving and the way chemistry is everywhere. My future plans are to work for a nonprofit while deciding if I wish to pursue my masters/PhD then start a biotech company focusing on human health. A fun fact about me is that I cut my finger off when I was 2 years old and against all odds it grew back. Yeah, grew back.