ChemE Car Coordinator

My name is Patrick Henkhaus, I am currently a ChemE car coordinator for AIChE. Through AIChE I have joined the ChemE car team and gone to the national conference in Orlando Florida. I met some really awesome people in the department and from other schools AIChE organizations, and would really recommend that any who are thinking on going, go! You will not regret it. I am involved in Film Club, a creative kick start, and trying to squeeze any other hobbies I can into my packed days. My favorite classes I have taken are Elements of Digital Photography and Chemical Process Safety. I was a TA for Material Sciences and working as a volunteer for a research team in the civil and environmental department on the transfer of snow blowing through snow fences. I am also a part of a creative kickstart team working with a research lab on campus to optimize their equipment. I choose to be a chemical engineer because I really enjoyed chemistry in highschool and wanted to pursue the sciences to a higher degree and apply it to industry. I also heard they made a lot of money. My future plans are to backpack the swiss alps and hopefully work as a safety consultant. A fun fact about me for all of you that made it this far, is that I was missing my two front teeth for a whole year, and I can happily say that I am enjoying my new front teeth.