K-12 Outreach Chair

Quintin is serving as one of three K-12 Outreach Coordinators. He is currently a third year student in chemical engineering and is pursuing an EFA of chemical process engineering. He is excited for his first semester as a member of the AICHE board and plans to attend the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 conferences. Outside of the AICHE board, he is a member of Omega Chi Epsilon (OXE), a chemical engineering honor society. Additionally, to his service to the board, he is currently working as an organic chemistry lab safety monitor and also a teaching assistant for Chemical Engineering: Process Calculations and Engineering: Material Science. Of the classes he has taken so far, his favorites have been Fluid Flow and Process Calculations. In his free time, Quintin usually finds himself researching subjects that he finds fascinating in day to day life. Additionally, he enjoys spending time hiking, cooking, exercising, and hunting. He is looking forward to the broad horizon chemical engineering has to offer and hopes to attend an internship during the summer of 2021.