Elanna is currently the webmaster for the AIChE chapter at the University of Iowa and held this position the previous semester as well. She went to the spring 2019 regional conference and the fall 2019 national conference for AIChE and enjoyed the opportunity to meet other members of AIChE. Additionally, she has volunteered for the Kids Day Camp. She hopes to continue to be involved in future events. Besides being a board member of AIChE, she is also a member of Omega Chi Epsilon and Tau Beta Phi. She chose to be a chemical engineer because it sounded interesting, she enjoyed chemistry, and liked the research topics associated with chemical engineering. Her EFA is polymers and pharmaceuticals. Her future plans include attending graduate school. Currently, she is also a TA for Materials Science. In her free time, she likes to read and watch shows her friends recommend to her. She also enjoys making tea and witty remarks.