This is the official website for the University of Iowa's student chapter of the American Institute for Chemical Engineers.

Our chapter consists of all students majoring in chemical engineering at the University of Iowa who are in the second semester of their sophomore year or further. All members are required to become a national member of AIChE, as well as attend weekly meetings that feature guest speakers from around the country. In addition, members must complete a professional enhancement and volunteer activity each semester to supplement their chemical engineering education.

Members participate in a variety of other activities, such as the Chem-E-Jeopardy and Chem-E-Car competitions at the regional and national AIChE conferences. The Jeopardy team has had multiple recent successes, including the 2013 and 2014 national titles, 2nd place in the 2015 national competition, Mid-America regional titles in each of the past three years, and second place at the 2019 nationals competition. Other events include the organization of a children's day camp in each of the fall and spring semesters, and participating in intramural competitions. 

This chapter has been advised by Dr. David Murhammer since 1990, and our current president is Elizabeth Occhi. See below for a complete list of our current officers, and view the other pages listed in the navigation bar at the top for additional information about our chapter.

Position Officer
President Elizabeth Occhi
Vice-President Brittany Workman
Secretary Katelyn Murhammer
Treasurer Eritrea Ande
Social Chair Samantha Country
Volunteer Chair Hannah Camposeo
Historian Jack Cheville
Newsletter Editor Mackenzie Curran
K-12 Outreach Payton Biddle
K-12 Outreach Quintin Blad
K-12 Outreach Nolan Burson
ChemE Car Coordinator Dimitri Gatzios
ChemE Car Coordinator Patrick Henkhaus
Webmaster Elanna Neppel


Social Media

Instagram: @uiowa_aiche

Facebook: AIChE Iowa

Dr. David Murhammer, Chapter Advisor