Liz has been the president of AIChE for one semester, continuing in the role for this upcoming semester. Not only that, but Liz has also been on the board as a K-12 Outreach Coordinator. Liz’s elective focus area is customly designed to primarily focus on energy and the environment, primarily the environment. Her favorite class is India Winterim: A Freshwater Casestudy. During this class, she spent three weeks in India studying how salts are infiltrating the regional groundwater supply. She currently does research with Dr. Meyer, a professor in the environmental science department at the University of Iowa. Her research is primarily focused on how Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids, or organic solvents, behave in the subsurface. Her future will consist of applying to different graduate schools to study groundwater pollution. Liz chose to study chemical engineering because she wanted to pursue renewable energy and the remediation of different types of pollution, primarily groundwater. While Liz is not in class, or sleeping, she is usually reading Stephen King or cooking a random recipe that she found on Pinterest. She could also be seen reading about rocks or watering her different plants.