Volunteer Chair

Nolan is the volunteer chair of AIChE for the fall 2021 semester. Previously, Nolan was the chapter president and K-12 outreach coordinator. Nolan is interested in combining the principles of chemical engineering with biochemistry and biology to create new pharmaceutical products. To explore this interest, Nolan works in Dr. Fiegel’s lab investigating new delivery methods of inhaled medications. However, four years of college is not enough to satiate Nolan’s interests, thus graduate school is in his immediate future. Nolan enjoys hiking with friends at Lake McBride, fishing for rainbow trout, and cooking for himself. Nolan’s favorite place to hike and photograph is Estes Park, Colorado home to Rocky Mountain National Park. Nolan’s favorite quote and final piece of his email signature is from the great Richard Feynman: “I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers which can't be questioned”.